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Anyone have answers to what the following are or mean?

Acuna Natada (?) (Sp. For no worries?)
Ade of Magdalen
shaped like Agamemnon’s sword (ORWELL)
metal d'Alger (Poe)
An Alison Bellamy ‘Gee Whiz’ lecture
Alliance pears
(ad for) Amen Pills (?sleeping pills)
The humble anacvina (? the class to which Mary and Joseph belonged?)
articularis mortis (analysis of cause of death)
ladies in art serge
the play of forces in a Spassky bauerstrom
Bedaux belt (Orwell was against these)
Bedthane (sister)
a birchwood calendar
Damon Runyon’s Black Uncle Jack
(the scarred buttocks of the men who had been) bogged with bamboos (ORWELL)
the Brechtian Axiom
Camerado (perh. Walt Whitman used it to mean colleague or friend?)
Cana ora (?) (?thank god?)
The casogram (?)
C’est eaux! Mais ce sont des âmes
Ce n’est que le premier pas qui crûte
Chosa de
cootikens (Robbie Burns wore them with blue stockings)
Com’e carina (It.)
Cromwell Clock
Dalile (hairstyle ?plait)
Tom. Decler (?)
Jules Regis Delvay’s model of small guerilla foci that catalyse social upheaval and bring down an empire)
Die Wahrheit sind drussen
dilectissimae imagines
Dongi-sadhus (donkey-sadhus)
Drage furniture
Elle se respecte, vois-tu
Sorbet Elsinore (from the degustation in the Greek restaurant in Caleb Carr's "The Alienist")
Eularies (various gramineous grasses?)
(Grow grapes for the) farango? Farandina?
Felscher (USSR barefoot doctors)
Fessaria – not for the ears polite
an agonized shriek of "Je fissel" (Orwell)
the flibber
“Squeekie” Floyd
Foil mask (?) (photography)
Goboon (?Spittoon, ?wad)
(Habakkuk il est) Habacuc était capable de tout, Voltaire is reported to have said
The historical practice of humming in the C17th, which caused universities to be called “hum et hissimi auditores”
Hubbed and spoked (? Frazier)
Hugaboo (?pet-name?)
penning impenuous verses for circulation among his friends
Julia Child of the Spirits
lâchete des gens du monde (Proust)
Lettres Perses-type novel
St Luke's peculation
"Die Morität von Mackie Messer" what is a Morität?
mask of Menischus
medher of dark ale Cyclops (Ulysses ch12) part 2 He said and then lifted he in his rude great brawny strengthy hands the medher of dark strong foamy ale
Madame Mirabelle puppet (?)
Manohra (? Southern Thai gamelan?)
Mettimi ?(? Aegean storm?)
midaray – ?entertainment tarmac of a fair or exposition
What was Mira Ward’s husband Norman’s surname in Marilyn French’s “The Women’s Room” (ie Mira's married name)
Molisha (?) (enlightenment) of the Sanyasin in clear air and magnificent silences
muche blanche
Who was negative nell/negative nellie/negative nelly?
neminem prandisse
What did Ogden Nash study during his year at Harvard?
Osobists (of the counter-intelligence)
Osteosynchrondroitrician ("Is There an Osteosynchrondroitrician in the House?") PERELMAN New Yorker 15 May 1937
par qué pagar mãs
Parustication (? Solecism for Haruspex?)
Parwe (?set of jewels, eg for coronation)
PERIPHES, (?Violent brigand) PERIPHETAEN
Pèterin (John Best)
Peut-on si bien prêcher qu’elle ne dorme au sermon? (not one of the reverend orators could utter the reproach)
Pieves (something to do with Corsica?)
sit on a pyol
a huge piretto (piretti) of wine
Plazzetta eg famous Plazzetta S Mareo dalla Laguna, Venezia, Italy
polo polo (a Croatian Dish)
Princeton soliloquies
pull rank (what's the etymology of this?)
“put-and-rake” game with top/teetotum
Quando souvviem mi di contanta sperae
Story of Ratha (Giant?) in the Book of Samuel (?)
Rindfleischsuppenmusik (“beef broth music”)
(Robbie Burns) “sold his crops in a roup” What's a roup?
roussin (perhaps a detective, police ?)
Gilt rout chairs
Where Sathanas monopolise the prettiest airs
schalmoles (or schamoles) as in "We used to use clams, then scheckles, but now its schalmoles" (like the Pope, holding in his hand the) golden keys of Schenck (?)
silagenoid (?a garfish?)
silver spadella (through their black tresses)
skebe flyer
sors ista tyrannis Convenit
Who was Spacy Tracy?
stengah-shifter, unbuttoned at the neck
Latvian born Lina Stern
Teresan sword
Tosazu (vinegar) jelly
every trick in the book/oldest trick in the book. What book?
Zingari blazer

The (fictional) meeting between Vautrin and Lucien de Rubempré at the coach house in Balzac’s Illusions perdues

Veuillez le dire donc selon
Que vous estes benigne et doulche,
Car ce doulx mot n’est pas si long
Qu’il vous face mal en la bouche

Quam breve tempus abit quod amando degitur! Instar
Momenti fugiens vix superat


Blogger Poet a la Mode said...

Most of the items you've list are a little hard to identify without their context. I happen to have read 'The Magus' recently so I can answer one small question. Madam Mirabelle is a sex-toy. The protagonist sees women as innocent and naive. Showing him this device is one of the early catalysts for his learning process (bildungsroman).
Hopefully, this gives you a beginning.

June 22, 2007 at 5:15 PM  
Blogger ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ said...

I happern to search also the meaning of bjopti. It means probably "discretion" in the universe of Ronald Firbank, but I don;t know more details.
If you find out more on this word, please let me know.

August 6, 2007 at 5:17 PM  

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